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All-Purpose Cleaner Tablets



Discover our powerful all-purpose cleaner for eco-responsible, toxic-free cleaning. This small tablet has great cleaning power!

Each package contains one tablet.

For use with a spray bottle.


1. Fill your 750ml spray bottle with water.

If you have a 500 ml bottle at home, you can crack the tablet at the cut line

2. Insert your cleaning tablet.

3. Close your bottle before use.

4. Compost the package after use.


Citric acid

This is the product of fermented, vegetable-based raw materials and helps to dislodge dirt, to ensure the tablet dissolves in water and to ensure the product’s pH is slightly acidic.

Sodium benzoate

This is made in the laboratory, but its precursor is found in certain foods such as strawberries or cayenne pepper. It protects the product against microorganisms which could alter its quality.

Potassium sorbate

This is made in the laboratory, but its precursor is found in mountain ash berries. It protects the product against microorganisms which could alter its quality.

Sodium Carbonate

This mineral, also known as soda crystals or washing soda, is a filler to ensure that the tablet dissolves in water.

Sodium coco-sulphate

This coconut oil derivative has detergent properties that helps remove grease and dirt.

House scent / aromatic oil

This intoxicating mixture of scents has been carefully developed by our team (not applicable for the scent-free version).


Zest fest : real fest of lemon and mint

Norderland : touch of black spruce found in the northern temperate

Passion punch : sweet grapefruit and mango punch

Unscented : simply no odor


- Helps eliminate 12,000M plastic bottles thrown away each year in North America

- Made in Quebec

- Compostable packaging

- Biodegradable

- Small size: Easy to carry and store

- 95% reduction in CO2 emissions

- Without endocrine disruptor

- No artificial colouring

- Non-toxic

Packaging + End of Life

The packaging is made of corn starch (a compostable material). They can be placed in most at-home compost bins. Please check with your local compost guidelines first.


- Orders are processed within 7 business days of purchase. 

- Packages are shipped plastic-free with recyclable materials made of post-consumer waste or with repurposed materials.


- $2.20 Canadian Lettermail shipping without tracking and insurance

- $11 Flat Rate Canadian Shipping with Tracking & Insurance (aprox. 3-10 business days)

Please note, if you choose lettermail shipping without tracking & insurance, we are not responsible if your order is lost or stolen in the shipping process.


- $7.50 CAD Flat Rate USA shipping with Tracking & Insurance (aprox. 3-8 business days)

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Passion punch
Zest fest
All-Purpose Cleaner Tablets

All-Purpose Cleaner Tablets

Passion punch
Zest fest