About Us

Our Mission

Power Over Plastic was created to make transitioning to a low-waste lifestyle convenient with products that are beneficial to yourself and the environment. The products that are available on the shop have been selectively chosen and tested to ensure durability.

We hope to make a low-waste lifestyle more accessible at a local level with products delivered right to your door.


Meet the Founder

I'm a passionate environmentalist that has continued to learn how to reduce my environmental impact with low waste products. I hope that my shop allows you to conveniently find low waste alternatives to items you use on a daily basis. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about our products and our shop.
              - Christina Casciaro, Founder & CEO



Our Collection

Our collection includes products that are handmade in Toronto, Canada by the founder in a minimal waste production process. When selecting materials we follow the values of sustainability and ethics. We also use up-cycled materials that are donated or found secondhand, and organic textiles to reduce the environmental impact of our products and save textiles that would otherwise be going to landfills. All materials are sourced locally whenever possible to support other small and local businesses. 

Our Story

Power Over Plastic first started off as a social justice campaign to raise awareness on the impact plastic pollution has on the environment and what people can do to make changes in their lifestyle. Over time, I learned more about sustainability and a low-waste lifestyle through the community in Toronto which inspired and assisted me in making changes to my everyday life.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, my grandmother passed down her sewing machine to me and taught me the basics so I could complete eco-friendly sewing projects for myself with scrap fabrics I compiled. Through this I learned how to sew, which became a de-stressing hobby that was much needed in the stressful times of a global pandemic.